Grow Your Cloud Business Faster

Making the move to the Azure cloud can be a game-changing decision for your business, giving you better IT performance, lower cost, more security, and an innovative development platform for your business. But finding that success won’t be easy with poor oversight and management. This can lead to overprovisioning, uncontrolled spending, and failing to meet adequate service levels.

CSG's Cloud Journey Complete

CSG Azure Managed Services

Working with an experienced Microsoft Partner can help you close the gaps between your business goals and the performance of your cloud environment. With CSG’s approach to Azure Managed Services, we can work together to make sure that your Azure cloud investment is a successful endeavor and delivers a rapid ROI.

Achieve Industry and Mandated Compliance with Azure Tagging, Blueprints and Policy. Advisor helps to optimize across Operations, Availability, Security and Cost.

Deploy, Configure, Scale, Patch / Update and Backup Azure Resources using Automation and reduce management overhead.

Reduce Costs for Azure Resources by using Budgets, Cost Analysis and Cost Management Tools. Alerts when spending is near beyond configured thresholds.

Secure Azure Resources, Network and Identity using Azure Security Center and provide SIEM using Azure Sentinel.

24/7/365 Monitoring of Azure Resources Health, Performance, Logging and Applications with 1hr response to Alerts.


Finding the right balance between consumption and performance of provisioned Azure cloud services requires proper planning, oversight, and support. CSG provides centralized management over a decentralized public cloud environment, ensuring your business reaps the full potential of Azure’s financial and operational benefits.

CSG Azure Managed Services Overview

CSG’s Managed Services for Azure include:

  • Azure cloud assessment and planning
  • Azure migration and deployment
  • Operational management for Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring and support
  • Cost optimization for Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Azure cloud security and governance


Whether this is your first experience with an Azure cloud environment or you need to grow or optimize your existing infrastructure, CSG can adapt to your business’ size, specific requirements, and goals. We aim to align IT strategy to your business objectives, scaling up or down as needed to meet your changing needs.

  • Easily and confidently consume Azure Services
  • Benefit from flexible models based on consumption
  • Manage costs, develop and deploy with agility

Benefits of CSG Azure Managed Services

CSG Helps put Azure Within Reach
Optimize Azure Costs

Through careful planning and centralized management, you can close the gaps between consumption and performance. Make sure you keep costs as low as possible while making the most out of the cloud services you consume.

Integrate Your Environments

Get a cloud architecture that caters to your business’ specific needs and demands. Integrate your CSG managed Azure cloud infrastructure with your other public or private cloud environment.

Stay Secure and Compliant

Receive enterprise-level security, backup, and disaster recovery options and ensure your business is running compliant with industry and legal requirements and standards.

Identify and Migrate Workloads Seamlessly
Our Azure advisory services help you identify workloads that are best suited to migrate to the cloud; our migrations services help you move your applications and workloads risk-free and disruption-free.