Governance isn’t just about staying in line with legal compliance requirements; effective governance helps you enforce internal and external policies and industry best standards across your entire Azure environment.


Building an Azure governance strategy lets you set the guardrails that keep your business safe through your cloud adoption journey. With Azure’s built-in policies and CSG’s guidance to build your customized policies, you can set the course and ensure your scale with control throughout your Azure cloud journey.

CSG Azure Basic Governance Framework


Create custom dashboards and efficiently analyze your cloud usage to execute greater control over spending.


Azure Blueprints helps your business stays compliant with internal and external regulations. Configure templates using policies and access and deploy controls and resources as needed.

CSG Azure Governance Framework Implemetation Process


CSG brings its enterprise-level Microsoft expertise to the game providing Azure Governance Consulting services to help you design and implement your compliance policies across your entire Azure environment. Our guidance is geared towards optimizing costs while giving business leaders the visibility they need to make critical decisions on cloud usage.

Microsoft Azure has built-in governance features designed to make cloud governance straight-forward, transparent, and innovative.

Azure Policy lets you apply custom policy-based management and security at scale across all your Azure services, allowing simple governance of resources a continuous compliance monitoring.

Azure Policy lets you:

  • Enforce resource policies proactively and set guardrails in your cloud environment
  • Apply policies in the CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps native integration
  • Use automated remediation capabilities built-in to the platform

Azure Blueprints offers the most comprehensive set of compliance features available, which include built-in compliance blueprints. You can create fully-governed environments easily and create audit trails to quickly identify compliance issues, notify stakeholders, and resolve matters efficiently.

Azure Blueprints lets you:

  • Deploy resource templates, policies, and access control to streamline environment creation
  • Accelerate and enable compliant application deployment
  • Control access over key infrastructure shared across subscriptions

Azure Management Groups lets you create flexible hierarchies that simplify governance controls and group management across all your Azure subscriptions.

Azure Management Groups lets you:

  • Easily manage subscriptions by grouping them and acting in bulk
  • Create hierarchies of management groups tailored to fit your organization’s structure
  • Easily apply governance conditions to policies or access control to any service with Azure’s full platform integration

Azure Cost Management is Azure’s built-in financial governance tool lets you use a single dashboard to analyze costs and monitor service usage in the cloud. Azure Cost Management is packed with customization capabilities using Power BI connectors and APIs that let you use powerful intelligence tools to support governance and cost management decisions. This feature is integrated and always running in the Azure portal, delivering best-in-class performance with a latency of eight hours or less.

Azure Cost Management lets you:

  • Monitor cloud spending and track resource usage with financial insight capabilities for improved decision-making
  • Implement governance policies and increase organizational accountability
  • Improve your ROI with continuous cost optimization and best practices