Regain Control of Your Budgets

Optimizing costs for your Azure cloud environment is the last stage of cloud readiness. It allows you to have full budget control and improved IT governance that will yield both direct and indirect savings for your business. If your enterprise has already migrated and deployed multiple resources into the Microsoft Azure cloud, you might be ready to perform cost optimization.


The main reason behind Azure costs skyrocketing for businesses is due to resources deployed in the cloud running continuously and never being switched off. By building a strategy to systematically switch off non-production resources when they are not being used, you can save over 50% of development, testing, and staging costs for virtual machines.


By choosing CSG to be your Azure Cost Optimization partner, you are working with a certified and experienced Microsoft Partner you can trust. Based on an initial assessment, we will provide clear and actionable recommendations geared to improve performance, security, and cost for your cloud investment.


CSG’s framework for Azure Cloud Optimization provides a comprehensive, guided path towards optimal cost performance for your cloud investment. With a combination of centralized management and process automation, we can make your cloud assets more efficient and improve accountability across your team.

We help your business:

  • Automate on/off switch for non-production resources
  • Create permission tiers for development teams and schedule resources as needed
  • Monitor resource activity
  • Identify and reassign unused resources
  • Improve accountability
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